A monumental Waste!

Yesterday I was reflecting how, at the tender age of 54 I feel as if I have reached my compositional stride, that I am now able to realise my intentions [and potential] more fully and how I have so much more to ‘give’ musically. Of course, this doesn’t matter to many people, and why should it, but it did make me realise, again, just how neglectful and downright wasteful our society is when it comes to the capabilities and potential of our middle aged and older composers, most of whom, even after very promising starts, are woefully neglected and underrepresented in concerts and promotion in favour of our often obsessive preoccupation with the achievements of the young; frequently to the expense of everything else. I’ve nothing against the young, of course, I was one of them once, nor opportunities for the young, but I’ve seen so many starry eyed young composers do well in their 20s only to find their 30s and 40s an unexpected desert of disappointment, unfulfillment and cold shouldering in favour of, yep, those now younger than them. It’s like watering a plant for a few months [over-watering in many cases] then cutting off the water altogether, so the plant withers and struggles. This, I’m afraid, is the ‘career structure’ that exists for all but the lucky few. I say ‘career structure’ tongue in cheek because nothing of the sort exists. Anyway, a lot to say here but I just wanted to make the point that there is a vast amount of amazing older compositional talent out there that never gets a look in and I see no signs of this changing any time soon. A travesty and monumental waste!