streaming (2014)

Marc Yeats - Composer

streaming (2014)

streaming for Kingma Quartertone and open-holed system Alto Flutes | Dedicated to and commissioned by Carlton Vickers. Duration: circa 22 minutes
To me, the greatest compliment I can pay a composer is after the premiere, and I feel I’ve known their piece my entire life. Obviously, a rare, if not, unheard of occurrence, unless you are Marc Yeats. ‘streaming’ is a work I will perform many times, effortlessly. Bravo, and thank you.
Carlton Vickers

streaming presents a serene array of pools, each containing suspended quantities of crystalline particles. Global tempo composites equate to relative fluid motion, influencing local activity, while the arrangement is held in stasis”.

Carlton Vickers | Specialist Contemporary Flute Virtuoso [US] | 10th October 2014 Facebook message

Carlton Vickers has kindly created polyrhythms to aid the practice of ‘streaming’. They can be downloaded for free here:

adjective: streaming

relating to or making use of a form of tape transport in which data may be transferred in bulk while the tape is in motion.”a streaming tape drive”

◦ (of data) transmitted in a continuous stream while earlier parts are being used.

gerund or present participle: streaming

(of liquid, air, gas, etc.) run or flow in a continuous current in a specified direction.”she sat with tears streaming down her face”

◦ (of a mass of people or things) move in a continuous flow in a specified direction.”he was watching the taxis streaming past”

◦ run with tears, sweat, or other liquid.”my eyes were streaming”

◦ (of hair, clothing, etc.) float or wave at full extent in the wind.”her black cloak streamed behind her”

transmit or receive (data, especially video and audio material) over the Internet as a steady, continuous flow

Composer’s Note:

Whilst streaming is full of cross-references, development and variants of its material held together by a fabric of rhythmic units permeating
the work as a whole, it was conceived and should be performed as a stream of consciousness; a single, uninterrupted flow of ideas constantly
in a state of flux and regeneration; detailed, colourful and frequently energetic and explosive.

Marc Yeats

“Today, received “Streaming” for Kingma System quartertone alto flute by Marc Yeats. A massive 20< minute energy field. What a terrifying talent this man has. Effortless. Unreal. Such a distinct honor.”

Carlton Vickers

I am grateful for the use of Carla Rees wonderful resource The Kingma System Alto Flute: A Practical Guide for Composers and Performers (2013 version)
Royal College Of Music, London for multiphonic and multiphonic trill fingerings for the Kingma system quartertone alto flute. The resource can be accessed

streaming_solo alto flute 2_0024