Marc Yeats | Composer

Boundary-pushing contemporary music, commissioned, performed and broadcast worldwide.


the unimportance of events (2021)

Version for 22-players This is a timecode-supported polytemporal chamber orchestra piece. alto flute/fluteoboeclarinet in B flatbassoonhorns in F 1 and 2Trumpets in C 1 and 2Tenor trombones 1 and 2PianoPercussion (1)violin solostring[…]

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comforted by a static bond (2020)

comforted by a static bond A timecode-supported polytemporal duo for Kingma System alto flutes comforted by a static bond is dedicated to my friends and colleagues, the flautists, Carla Rees[…]

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a passing colour (2020)

a passing colour duo for two flutes or two flute solos Dedicated to Sean Quinn Duration: circa 10 minutes (for the flute duo and each solo piece).   This is[…]

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