Author: lucas

Marc Yeats - Composer

burnt axon (2016)

For piano | Dedicated to Darinka Todorov | Duration circa 6.40″ Burnt Axon is a small area of the New Forest near Burley In Hampshire, UK. To download a clean version of this score, please message me via the contact page. I operate a pay what you can afford policy and accept donations through PayPal.…
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forget-me-not [2016]

composer-in-residence to Yeovil District and Dorchester County Hospital’s ReFound Sound Project. forget-me-not | Six stereo-channel installation | Choir by the Sea [Directed by Marc Yeats] recorded at Eype Centre for the Arts, St. Peter’s Church, Mount Lane, Eype, Dorset on the 30th April 2016 | Engineer: Simon Eadon, Assistant Engineer: Oliver Robotham. Production: Marc Yeats…
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