Category: 2 PIANOS

Marc Yeats - Composer

mr redheffer’s perpetual motion machine [2015]

mr redheffer’s perpetual motion machine for two pianos | duration: circa 13 minutes | dedicated to ivon oates Note about the title: In 1812 a man called Charles Redheffer appeared in Philadelphia. He had with him a miraculous perpetual motion machine that required no source of energy to run. Or so he claimed. He set…
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the great moon hoax [2015]

the great moon hoax for two pianos | Dedicated to Anna Ferro | duration: circa 13 minutes Note about the title: A piece perhaps full of fantastical imagery? This is abstract music; no programmatic interpretation is intended. The title was found after the music was created: ‘The Great Moon Hoax lithograph of “ruby amphitheater” for…
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as a measurement of entanglement [2013]

For 2 pianos | dedicated to Leo Nicholson | duration circa 15 minutes as a measurement of entanglement [the shape distance 10] extends the recent set of unsynchronised works the shape distance, a series of seven pieces constructed somewhat akin to ‘Russian Dolls’ in that each contains the same or similar core material that is ‘enclosed’ by other…
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