Category: MASHUP

Marc Yeats - Composer

Nanoqueen (2011)

Music for the Nanoqueen (from OPAQUE) – if you like, this is a concert suit of the music for chaos (though it is more hysteria, mania, thought changes, radiating energy, explosive, interrupted, impetuous, and again hysterical) – and of course digital and processed, like the Queen herself. Importantly, towards the latter third of the piece,…
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Colour Songs Mashups 1-3 (2011)

Colour Songs (2003) Mashed up with dance tracks originally created with a creative bursary from the Scottish Arts Council (2008) Colour Songs originals: 35 mins. for soprano, flute (alto, piccolo), Bass Clarinet, (Clarinet), VLn, Vla, Vc. Performed by illegal harmony for recording. 5 songs – Weathers, You Must Never Go Against The Sun, The Colours…
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