Marc Yeats - Composer

the unimportance of events (2020)

Dedicated to my friend and composer, Jason Eckardt. This is a timecode-supported polytemporal ensemble piece. the unimportance of events for 17 players Instrumentation: alto flute clarinet in Bb bassoon tenor trombone 1 tenor trombone 2 percussion (1)* piano violin string quartet 1 string quartet 2 Double Bass Duration: 12.02   Want to know more about timecode-supported polytemporal…
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observation 6 (fawley down) 2016

Dedicated to Ensemble Suono Giallo This is a timecode-supported polytemporal ensemble piece. Instrumentation: for piccolo, soprano saxophone, piano and percussion. Duration: 12.30 minutes Commissioned by Ensemble Suono Giallo, premiered on the opening night concert of the Il Suono Young Composers’ Academy by Ensemble Suono Giallo, Saturday, July 15, 2017, at 7 pm, Scuola Comunale di Musica…
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the appointment of life (2015)

the appointment of life trio [duo] for extended male voice [viola] and percussion *[1] *percussion set 1: Deep, resonant bass drum; Large, deep Tam-tam; 2 Congas low / high [or similar drums pitched lower than the Bongos]; 2 Bongos low / high [or similar drums pitched higher than the Congas]; 5 differently pitched Temple Blocks…
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mencken’s history of the bathtub [2015]

mencken’s history of the bathtub for percussion solo | circa 5″ minutes in duration. Dedicated to Caleb Herron setup: 2 differently pitched cow bells [high and low] [or agogo bells] metal wind chimes, as high-pitched and resonant as possible 3 low sounding gongs – no specific pitch required – organised high to low crotales –…
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the shape distance [14] 2014

the shape distance [14] flutes 1 + 2 / Clarinets 1 + 2 / Violas 1 + 2 / harp / percussion (1) Dedicated to Caleb Herron and Chamber Cartel (Atlanta USA) The Shape Distance by Chamber Cartel the shape distance are a series of [initially] seven pieces constructed somewhat akin to ‘Russian Dolls’ in that each…
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chablon: percussion quartet (2016)

chablon: for four percussionists. Duration circa 18 minutes in duration. Dedicated to Jane Yeats for her 50th Birthday. Commissioned by Chamber Cartel for their Ancana Series. Premieres and performances at The Goat Farm Arts Center in Goodson Yard, Atlanta, Georgia, US on November 15th 2014 at 8 pm. chablon: French term for a watch movement (not including…
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