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Marc Yeats - Composer

pneuma (2020)

pnuema for solo contrabass Paetzold recorder Dedicated to Sylvia Hinz. pnuema is full of cross-references, development and variants of its material held together by a fabric of rhythmic units permeating the work as a whole. It was conceived and should be performed as a stream of consciousness; a single seldom interrupted flow of ideas constantly…
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liquid music (2017)

For B flat clarinet | Duration: circa 14 minutes | Dedicated to Gleb Kanasevich liquid music is full of cross-references, development and variants of its material held together by a fabric of rhythmic units permeating the work as a whole. It was conceived and should be performed as a stream of consciousness; a single seldom interrupted…
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witch marks (2016)

For double bass | Dedicated to ‪Svetozar Vujic‬ | Duration: circa 3 minutes programme note:According to witch-hunters during the height of the witch trials, the witches’ mark (not to be confused with a witches’ teat) indicated that an individual was a witch. The witches’ mark and the devil’s mark are both terms applied to essentially the…
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mencken’s history of the bathtub [2015]

mencken’s history of the bathtub for percussion solo | circa 5″ minutes in duration. Dedicated to Caleb Herron setup: 2 differently pitched cow bells [high and low] [or agogo bells] metal wind chimes, as high-pitched and resonant as possible 3 low sounding gongs – no specific pitch required – organised high to low crotales –…
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Spring-heeled jack [march 2015]

Spring-heeled Jack [terror of London] | Duration: circa 1.5 minutes | Dedicated to Carlton Vickers Tempi are [probably] faster than is practical so as to encourage a sense of frantic urgency within the performance. The flautist may perform all or any part of this fragment. A few months ago, US flautist Carlton Vickers approached me…
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out of the dead land [2014]

to Ondrej Vesely out of the dead land for solo guitar | Duration circa 14 minutes I. THE BURIAL OF THE DEAD APRIL is the cruellest month, breeding Lilacs out of the dead land, mixing Memory and desire, stirring Dull roots with spring rain. Winter kept us warm, covering Earth in forgetful snow, feeding A little…
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cutouts [2014]

‘cutouts’ violin solo [12 mins.] for Daniele Colombo cut•out (ˈkʌtˌaʊt) n. 1. something cut out from something else, as a pattern cut out or intended to be cut out of paper. 2. a valve in the exhaust pipe of an internal-combustion engine, which when open permits the engine to exhaust directly into the air. 3.…
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streaming (2014)

streaming for Kingma Quartertone and open-holed system Alto Flutes | Dedicated to and commissioned by Carlton Vickers. Duration: circa 22 minutes To me, the greatest compliment I can pay a composer is after the premiere, and I feel I’ve known their piece my entire life. Obviously, a rare, if not, unheard of occurrence, unless you are…
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black root [2013]

black root for solo Eb clarinet | dedicated to Markus Wenninger. An entanglement of sounds some of which lie below the surface, out of hearing. Duration: circa 12 minutes black root develops material from the works that preceded it. This follows on from a compositional trend that can be traced back over many years but…
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hȳran for solo viola [2013]

hȳran [premiere: Stephen Upshaw 26th March at Parasol unit foundation for contemporary art, London] dedicated to Stephen Upshaw | Duration: circa 5 minutes. From 6 March to 28 April 2013, Parasol unit foundation for contemporary art presents a solo exhibition featuring the work of Iranian artist Navid Nuur. The exhibition shows a range of his…
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a theft of cold moisture (2013)

For Flute solo | duration circa. 11 minutes | dedicated to Jenni Hogan A piece that explores aspects of transformation, transmutation and alchemy in sound with a liberal helping of self-referential flux!‘a theft of cold moisture’ continues the journey away from material found in ERIS (flute part) and laterly, ‘lines and distances’ for solo clarinet,…
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quarter-sounds (2012)

For Bass Clarinet | commissioned by Sarah Watts | Duration circa 8.5 minutes Quarter-sounds is published by Metropolis Music Publishers and is available here: quarter-sounds is a study in the use of multiphonics. The piece was commissioned by the bass clarinettist, Sarah Watts to utilise her new multiphonic fingerings within the context of a piece…
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lines and distances (2012)

For solo B flat clarinet | Duration 9.5 minutes | Dedicated to Mark Hewitt Premiered by Markus Wenninger, July 2014, at Benedictine monastery of St.Stephan, Augsburg, Germany.

strange and artificial echos (2012)

for quartertone alto flute | dedicated to Carla Rees | duration: variable We have also divers strange and artificial echoes, reflecting the voice many times, and as it were tossing it:and some that give back the voice louder than it came; some shriller, and some deeper, yea, some renderingthe voice differing in the letters or…
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pathos (2012)

For solo violoncello | Dedicated to Annemarie Borg for Antara Project | Duration circa 11 minutes   Pathos: plural: patha or pathea; Greek: πάθος, for “suffering” or “experience;” adjectival form: ‘pathetic’ from παθητικός) representsan appeal to the audience’s emotions. Pathos is a communication technique used most often in rhetoric (where it is considered one ofthe…
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ethos (2012)

for solo tenor trombone Dedicated to Dirk Amrein Ethos is a Greek word meaning “character” that is used to describe the guiding beliefs or ideals that characterise a community, nation, or ideology. The Greeks also used this word to refer to the power of music to influence its hearer’s emotions, behaviours, and even morals. Early…
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θραύσμα (2011)

θραύσμα (fragment) for solo guitar | Duration: 1 minute | Premiered by Michael Black, November 2011. London.

Metaphors of Battle and Conquest (1999)

9 mins solo alto saxophone Commissioned by Kathryn Stott for Federico Mondelci. Premiere – mixing it – Bromsgrove Festival 2000

Prorrhesis (March 2011)

Tenor trombone (player to be seated) and 2 differently pitched bass drums both operated by foot-pedal. Duration circa 13 minutes. Commissioned by Dirk Amrein. First performance May 2011 – International Trombone Conference – Brazil. Prorrhesis has been composed of a particular composition and performance aesthetic. Some of the music contained in this score is intentionally impossible…
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Caliban’s Dream (2008)

Solo guitar. Duration – 9:00.  

Tales of Enchantment (2004)

8 mins. bass clarinet solo. Commissioned by Henri Bok. Premiered in Rotterdam Conservatorium, February 2005  

Have Heard This Dialogue for One (2003)

For solo Alto Flute. Commissioned by and dedicated to Carla Rees. Premiere, An Tuireann Art Centre 2003. Duration 12 minutes.  

VOX (2001)

12 mins. for solo bass clarinet. Commissioned by Sarah Watts. Premiere Rotterdam, Holland, 2002 Published by Metropolis Music Publishers and available here:  

mad canary (1999)

5 mins. solo piccolo. Premiere – Ingrid Cauliford, Aukland New Zealand 2002.Performance on video by Christina Ledford.