Marc Yeats - Composer

Cutouts for Ensemble (2019)

Instrumentation: Violin solo, 1 Oboe, 2 Clarinets in B-flat, Harp, String Quartet and Percussion (1 player)* *Deep, resonant bass drum; 2 differently pitched Tam-tams; 4 suspended cymbals ranging from high to low in pitch. This is a timecode-supported polytemporal ensemble piece. Duration: 13 minutes. programme note: cut•out (ˈkʌtˌaʊt)  n. 1. something cut out from something else, as a pattern cut out or intended to be cut out of paper. 2. a valve in the exhaust pipe of an internal combustion engine, which when open permits the engine to exhaust directly into the air. 3. an act or instance of cutting out. 4. Slang. an intermediary, as in espionage. 5. a device for the manual or automatic interruption of electric current. 6. a usu. discontinued record album that is for sale at a discount.…
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beyond this [all had been chaos] 2014

Live recording courtesy of DIVAcontemporary from Sonic Coast Concert Series [1] The Big Shed, Hooke Park, Beaminster, Dorset on the 26th July 2014 Stephen Upshaw [Viola] Calie Hough [percussion] instrumentation –  viola and percussion. Percussion: Crotales [upper octave] | Deep, resonant bass drum large, | deep Tam-tam | 2 Congas low/high | 2 Bongos low/high…
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adam’s grave [clarinet quintet 2013]

adam’s grave instrumentation – clarinet in Bb, violin, viola, cello and harp | circa 12 minutes in duration. Dedicated to my friend David E W Rogers   notes: The instrumentalists play independently of each other. Music is cued to begin only or at various points throughout the work. There is no ‘fixed’ synchronisation between the instrumentalists. Whilst…
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logos [2013]

Concerto for violoncello and small ensemble | dedicated to Annemarie Borg and Patrick Tapio Johnson instrumentation: [8 players] violoncello, oboe clarinet in Bb / bass clarinet in Bb violin viola harp percussion 1: 5 different pitch temple blocks ranging from high to low / 2 differently pitched tam-tams percussion 2: 4 differently pitched suspended cymbals…
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The Round and Square Art of Memory (1999)

The Round and Square Art of Memory for piano and orchestra. Commissioned by the BBC for the BBC Philharmonic Orchestra and Kathryn Stott (piano). 1st performance to take place on 5th Feb. 2000 at the Bridgewater Hall, Manchester, BBC Philharmonic Orchestra, Kathryn Stott (piano), conductor Martyn Brabbins. Dedicated to Kathryn Stott and the BBC Philharmonic.…
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