cold kitchen hill (2019)

Marc Yeats - Composer

cold kitchen hill (2019)

Cold Kitchen Hill is an area of chalk upland directly north of Kingston Deverill in the county parish of Brixton Deverill, Wiltshire.

Any or no relationship between the title and the sounding music is forged at the discretion of the composer and the listener.

cold kitchen hill is dedicated to my friend and colleague, Ian Pace.

“In the evening, Ian Pace played more Liszt but the highlight at the end of the programme was Marc Yeats’ “cold kitchen hill”, a monumental 40-minute work that sailed by but left constant imprints not only on my mind but on my body too, it was extremely physical listening, I had an experience of being subjected to the bows and arrows of a fiery army, ten thousand soldiers in front of me letting rip with their tuned bows from powerful fingers, tearing/tearing me up, or of a solar wind taking layers off me but depositing other layers. I could easily list a stream of adjectives that would give an idea of the tumultuousness of this work and the tempestuous performance energy required but I like Marc’s own words “sonic entanglement … material evaporating … coalescing in all directions”  rearrange the letters in Marc’s name and you get words like TARMAC, CREAMY, TRACES, ARMY, SCARY, CARE, RACY, MEATY, STEAMY ARC and of course, ARTSY SMARTY ?  I love how Marc’s music simultaneously gives no fucks and all the fucks”.

Matthew Lee Knowles

Facebook post 26.10.2021

Duration circa 40-minutes.

Marc Yeats. May 2019.