Marc Yeats - Composer

Coming in 2023:

I have several recording projects in the pipeline, including music from On a Theme of Hermes (2010), to be released through Bandcamp on Polytempo Records.

In addition, I am looking forward to writing and recording a new ensemble work called Non-Lethal Mutations for contrabass clarinet and an ensemble of bass clarinets for my friend and virtuoso international low clarinets specialist, Sarah Watts as well as more compositions and performances resulting from my various national and international collaborative partners to be announced in the coming months.

March 2nd. 2023

The world premiere of always searching for home (solo violin version).

Goldsmiths University Contemporary Music Research Unit presents violinist Peter Sheppard Skaerved. 2 Mar 2023, 6:00pm – 7:30pm. George Wood, Richard Hoggart Building For more details, please see

October 26th. 2022

New Music Day at the University of Sheffield. Venue: Sir Frederick Mappin Building, Mappin Street, Sheffield, South Yorkshire, S1 3JD

1 pm. Mappin Hall – I talk about my work as a composer and timecode-supported polytemporal music in particular

2-3 pm. Mappin Hall – an open rehearsal of two new pieces composed for premiere in Dina later that evening.

5.45 pm. Mappin Hall – Ondrej Vesely’s concert of Slovak guitar music. Includes the premiere of bricolage III More here.

8 pm Dina. – a concert with Sarah Watts, Ondrej Vesely and student composers and performers. Includes the premiere of bricolage IV for bass clarinet and guitar, bricolage VI for flute, bass clarinet, horn and violoncello, and VOX performed by Sarah Watts. More here.

June 6th. 2022

WP falling from the centre of night for piano, violoncello, string trio, harp and two percussionists.

The premiere is scheduled for the 6th of June at City University, London with Ian Pace and The Pierrot Players. Details of the concert may be found here:

October 25th. 2021

WP Cold Kitchen Hill for piano (2019)

Ian Pace – piano. City University, London

October 12th. – 15th. 2021

the unimportance of events for 22 players, premiered at this year’s Tectonics Glasgow by the BBC Scottish Symphony Orchestra, has been selected by BBC Radio 3 as one of three works representing the U.K. at this year’s International Rostrum of Composers in Belgrade.

August 13th. 2020

WP comforted by a static bond for two Kingma quartertone alto flutes (2020)

New Sounds programme for the National Flute Association convention. Karin de Fleyt together with Carla Rees performs new works for quarter-tone alto and bass flute by Coreen Morsink, Marc Yeats and Ben Gaunt.

More information here.

April 28th. 2021

World premiere recording of the unimportance of events (2021) version for 22 players

with the BBC Scottish Symphony Orchestra as part of Tectonics 2021 for broadcast on BBC Radio 3 on the 9th May 2021 for more information, please visit:

February 13th 2021

WP ‘pneuma’ for Paetzold double-bass recorder. World Premiere recording by Sylvia Hinz. Online live concert. 13th February 2021. I realitätsverschwinden solo.

May 1st. 2020

WP when time is broke for ensemble (2019)

Clothworker’s Centenary Hall, University of Leeds (cancelled due to covid)

February 18th. 2020

hȳran for solo viola performed by Stephen Upshaw. Tuesday, Feb 18 | 6-8 pm: St Saviour’s, Aberdeen Park, N5 2AR, London, UK. More information here.

February 4th. 2020

Launch of The Anatomy of Melancholy Piano Album with Ian Pace

January 9th. 2020

Presented my paper ‘Timecode-Support and Obsessive Self-Borrowing: A New Approach to Polytemporal Orchestral Composition’ at the #BFERMA2020 in the Open University Campus, Milton Keynes.


Timecode-supported polytemporal orchestral music has no score and no conductors, is performed from parts alone, supports decoupled, simultaneous, independent temporal trajectories for any number of players and enables the composition of sonically complex, hyper-dense, through-composed and fully notated polytemporal orchestral music without increasing rhythmic notational complexity in such a way that structural integrity is maintained in performance through flexible determinacy, organised using only part-embedded timecode mediated in conjunction with loosely synchronised mobile phone stopwatches.

This compositional approach has been developed to fill the gap in current polymetric orchestral praxis where polytemporal and polytactic orchestral performance outcomes range from highly indeterminate to determinate but in all cases, where increased levels of determination are linked to increased levels of notated rhythmic complexity and where none of these approaches supports all orchestral players having simultaneously independent, unrelated temporal trajectories throughout the composition. To support this level of multi-layered temporal density, timecode-supported polytemporal compositions are assembled using a variety of polytemporal materials generated through recursive and often obsessive self-borrowing actions, sometimes dating back across decades, that through a range of further transformational actions produce flexible materials that ‘work’ in multiple temporal contexts, bringing relational and contextual consistency to generations of compositions.

This paper presents an overview of how timecode-supported polytemporal orchestral music is built and functions as well as proposing this methodology as being sufficiently different from current orchestral polytemporal praxis to offer composers new compositional opportunities not achievable through more open or more confined polymetric compositional approaches.

December 6th. 2019

WP The Anatomy of Melancholy (1998), Second performance of exordium (2016) and 2nd. performance of William Mumler’s Spirit Photography (2016)

Ian Pace – piano. Clothworkers Centenary Hall, University of Leeds, School of Music, Cavendish Road, Leeds, LS2 9JT. For more information visit:

April 6th. 2019

The Magical Control of Rain: Movement II (2012)

Mark Spalding – piano. Edinburgh Society of Musicians. 3 Belford Rd, Edinburgh EH4 3BL

March 15th. 2019

WP. pulviscular observation for double string quartet.

Premiered by the Karski Quartet and the Viridis Quartet at the Royal

The future of the String Quartet. Carole Nash Recital Room, Royal Northern College of music, Manchester, with the Ensemble+ networking units.

February 28th. 2019

Exordium for piano.
Ian Pace gives the second performance of this work in Huddersfield along with pieces by Ives and Finnissy. More information to come.

January 31st. 2019

CULTURE³ = Composer as Entrepreneur – Contemporary Classical Music Seminar, The Lighthouse, Poole. More information here:

December 6th. 2018

A lecture about my compositional practice and research at the School of Music, Manchester University. I’m going to be talking about how I throw extant, self-similar and indeed, dissimilar musical materials together to see what happens when their interactions cause sparks to fly, to see what surprises and interests me and what is produced beyond my imagination and calculation as the constructional principle I use to build new timecode-supported polytemporal works of any scale through this form of assemblage. My talk will not be linear: I will invite questions throughout and expect the students to help shape how events unfold – a sort of rhizome-like approach to building a discourse that echoes processes similar to those I use to structure compositions (this process is called a metalogue). At the same time, I will gently guide the conversation through a story of compositional recycling, juxtapositioning, repurposing and re-contextualization using a seed-work – a short solo viola piece from 2013 – as the starting point and illustrate through the ‘family tree’ of related compositions highlighted below, the many offspring including several string quartets and ensemble works this combining and recombing approach engenders.

November 17th. – 20th. 2018

WP The Great Moon Hoax (2015)
Pianists Markus Berzborn and Moritz Ernst premiere The Great Moon Hoax for two pianos in St. Petersburgh, Russia. More information soon.

October 25th. – 28th. 2018

VOX (2001)
Sarah Watts performs VOX in her recital at the American Single Reed Summit in Missouri in October. Additional performances in Kansas. More information to follow.

September 29th. 2018

observation 1.5 (2015)
10 JAHRE XelmYa – Nachspiel I, celebrating XelmYa’s (Alexa Renger – violin, Sylvia Hinz / Sylvia Hinz – Recorder, Isabelle Klemt – violoncello) 10th birthday. Artist-Homes
Hohenzollerndamm 120, 14199 Berlin, Germany. More information here.

June 5th. 2018

WP observation 1.8 [easton woods] (2017)
für XelmYa+ (Bassblockflöte, Oboe, Violine), 13’* XelmYa+ – enact/direct/escape at unerhoerte musik berlin

May 3rd. 2018

WP always the beautiful answer for three flutes, violin, cello, guitar, piano and percussion.
LSTwo at the Clothworkers Hall, University of Leeds, Leeds.

April 20th. 2018

WP Exordium for piano.
Ian Pace at Fifty – Tributes and Early Modernism. Hosted by City, University of London Concert Series More info here.

April 2018

observation 1.5
XelmYa give their thrid performance of this piece, this time at the Tehran International Contemporary Music Festival. Details to follow.

October 2017

streaming for alto flute (22 mins.) performed by Carlton Vickers at Dixie State University, Delores Doré, Eccles Fine Arts Center, US, October 23, 2017

July 2017

Second performance: a moment in blue for piano (15.30 mins.). Pianist: Lauryna Sableviciute. Cross Street Unitarian Chapel, Manchester City Centre, 28th July at 1 pm.

WP ‘observation 6’ for piccolo, soprano saxophone, percussion and piano, commissioned by Ensemble Suono Giallo, premiered on the opening night concert of the Il Suono Young Composers’ Academy by Ensemble Suono Giallo, Saturday, July 15, 2017 @ 7pm, Scuola Comunale di Musica “Giacomo Puccini”, Città di Castello, Italy.
“The academy is excited for its 2016-17 collaboration with Marc. His “observation 6 [fawley down]” was commissioned by and composed for our resident ensemble, Ensemble Suono Giallo, and will receive its world premiere at this concert”.
More information here.

June 2017

WP a moment in blue for piano (15.30 mins.). Pianist: Lauryna Sableviciute. Resonante Edge New Music Festival, Edge Hill university, 15th June at 6 pm.

WP William Mumler’s spirit Photography for piano (11 mins.) Pianist: Ian Pace. 2nd. June, University of London Concert Series, City, University of London, College Building, St John Street, London EC1V 4PB. More information here.

May 2017

forget-me-not [installation] 16/05/17: The Chapel, Dorset County Hospital, Dorchester DT2 1JY

April 2017

Corpuscular Theory of Light for clarinet in Bb, soprano saxophone and xylophone; circa 12 minutes, is to be given a second performance by Chamber Cartel as part of  Atlanta’s only Contemporary Music Festival, SoundNOW! Friday 7th. 8:00-10.00pm More here.

January 2017

WP of observation 7 [gander down] Featured in Homophonic, La Mama Courthouse, Carlton, Victoria, Australia on the 23rd./24th. January 2017. More information here and here.

November 2016

forget-me-not [installation] is touring to these venues:
24/11/16 – 25/11/16: Green Room, Buckfast Abbey, Buckfastleigh TQ11 0EE
27/11/16: Bournemouth Symphony Orchestra, Lighthouse, Poole BH15 1UG
28/11/16 – 02/12/16: Yeovil District Hospital BA21 4AT
08/12/16 – 10/12/16: The Chapel, Dorset County Hospital, Dorchester DT2 1JY

“Forget Me Not is a new composition by Somerset composer Marc Yeats. After spending time with patients suffering from cognitive impairment such as dementia on wards at Yeovil and Dorset County Hospitals Marc has created a choral installation with Choir By the Sea which evokes fragments of conversation, memories of place and a sense of what it is like to live with this condition.”

Release of the anatomy of melancholy, solo piano works [1997-2016] performed by Ian Pace

October 19th. 2016

Second performance of observation 1.5: trio for recorder, violin and cello for Sylvia Hinz and XelmYa [Alexa Renger – violin, Sylvia Hinz – Recorder, with T.J. Borden – cello] at Barbara And Art Culver Center Of Arts 3834 Main St, Riverside, California 92501 on the 19 October at 19:00–20:30 in PDT More

October 6th. 2016

La Côte Flûte Festival commission with ‘zero theorem’: Carla Rees [flute] Minsi Yang Johnson & Nuno Carapina violins, Stephen Upshaw, viola, Patrick Tapio Johnson, cello and Siret Lust double bass will give the premiere on the opening night of the festival.. More information here.

an uncomfortable condition is an asynchronous piece of ensemble music that navigates the changing relationship between Frederick II and Voltaire using the development of their lifetime correspondence as the basis for three connected phases of music that explore aspects of love, disagreement and confrontation and eventual resolution and insight. The composed music is an abstract response to the elemental state of these conditions as well as the fluid nature of transition between them. The music has no programmatic intentions beyond articulating something of the nature of these ‘correspondence inspired’ contrasting phases.

“Doubt is an uncomfortable condition, but certainty is a ridiculous one.”

September 2016

Recording of 6 solo piano works with Ian Pace for the anatomy of melancholy album

September 2016

witch marks for solo double bass with Svetozar Vujic | Prague |  – more details to follow

May 19th. 2016

forget-me-not [installation] launches at Yeovil Hospital as part of Dementia Awareness Week, part of ReFound Sound.

May 18th. 2016

Lines and Distances receives its Australian premiere with Forest Collective and Melbourne Recital Centre as a part of Metropolis New Music Festival’s Sensuality in the City with Vilan Mai – Clarinet

May 8th. 2016

Carla Rees performs have heard this dialogue of one for alto flute at the York Spring Festival of New Music. More here.

April 28th. 2016

WP a pathology of line for bassoon and piano with Bert Helsen [bassoon] and Geert Callaert [piano]. Tehran Contemporary Music Festival, Iran. More Here.

26th April 2016

WP of witch marks for solo double bass with Svetozar Vujic | Belgrade | BassEurope – more details to follow

April 12th. 2016

WP observation 1 and observation 2 from the observatory string quartets series will be premiered in a special concert event at St Thomas’ Church, Lymington, Hampshire in association with SPUD performed by ‘zero theorem [Eugene Lee – violin, Minisi Yang – violin, Stephen Upshaw – viola, Patrick Tapio Johnson – violoncello]. Concert will begin at 7pm. More information to follow.

April 6th. 2016

WP of observation 1.5: trio for recorder, violin and cello for Sylvia Hinz and XelmYa at the Goethe Institute, Mexico City, Mexico. More here.

March 4th./ 6th. 2016 

streaming for alto flute with Carlton Vickers, CLEVELAND, US with NO EXIT New Music Ensemble. FERNEYHOUGH: Carceri d’Invenzione IIb for flute solo, Sisyphus Redux for alto flute solo, Unity Capsule for flute solo; ERBER: Desire Lines for alto flute solo ECKARDT: Multiplicities for flute solo, YEATS: ‘streaming’ for alto flute solo

February 27th. and 28th. 2016

Mad Canary for piccolo receives its Australian premiere with Forrest Collective [Tanya Vincent – Flute/Piccolo] as part of Vessel, 75 Reid Street, Melbourne, Australia 3068. More information here.

February 10th. 2016

WP Observation 1.7.5 for alto flute, violin & bassoon will be premiered at The Forge, Camden, London by Rarescale [Carla Rees – Flutes, Ashley Myall – Bassoon, Marie Schreer – Violin]. More concert information here.

February 4th. 2016

streaming for alto flute with Carlton Vickers, Madsen Recital Hall Provo, Utah US. BRIAN FERNEYHOUGH: Cassandra’s Dream Song for flute solo; MARC YEATS: streaming for solo Kingma System alto flute; JAMES ERBER: Desire Lines for solo alto flute; BRIAN FERNEYHOUGH: Sisyphus Redux for alto flute solo; BRIAN FERNEYHOUGH: Unity Capsule for flute solo More Here.

November 30th. 2015

WP the great moon hoax for two pianos will be premiered at Salford University by sono piano duo

October 5th. 2015

 New York premiere of streaming for Kingma System Quarter-tone Alto Flute. Dedicated to and commissioned by Carlton Vickers. Duration: circa 22 minutes at Spectrum NY – 7.30pm

September 11th. 2015

Concert/Lecture with Marc Yeats and Andreas F. Staffel

Marc Yeats: Vox für Klarinette (for Clarinet); Marc Yeats: Klavierstück. Markus Wenninger (Fl., Klar.) | Andreas F. Staffel (Klavier) | Location: Musikstudio Orpheo (Berlin)

August 27 / 28th. 2015

Premiere recording of Dark Gravity for clarinet in Bb, oboe, bassoon and percussion [1 player: Deep, resonant bass drum, large, deep Tam-tam, 2 Congas low / high, 2 Bongos low / high, 5 differently pitched Temple Blocks, low to high, High-Hat, Gong, Metal Wind Chimes]. Premiered by Galecther Trio Recorded will take place here.

August 12th. – 16th. 2015

Composer-in-Residence to the Observatory. Second residency period at Keyhaven, Lymington, Hampshire. More about the Observatory here.

July 17th. 2015

Dark Gravity [trio version] for clarinet in Bb, oboe, bassoon with Galecther Trio at Leytonstone Festival, London.

July 10th. 2015

WP ‘shapeshifter’ Dedicated to Gleb Kanasevich
shapeshifter for clarinet in Eb [soloist] and ensemble: flute, violin, violoncello, guitar, piano and percussion [1]* Premiere at soundSCAPE Festival Maccagno, Italy, directed and premiered by Gleb Kanasevich with Christian Smith [percussion] Lisa Cella, Tristan McKay [piano] Jeremy Bass, Mark Fewer and James Burch.

June 12th. 2015

WP Dark Gravity [trio version] for clarinet in Bb, oboe, bassoon Premiered by Galecther Trio at St. Brides Church, London. More here:

May 18th. / 27th. 2015

Composer-in-Residence to the Observatory. First residency period at Winchester Science Park, Winchester. More about the Observatory here.

May 6th 2015

 WP the half-life of facts [flt., BCL., Vln., Vc., Pno – 15 minutes] for the wonderful Australian new music group, Syzygy Ensemble will be premiered on May 6th. at the Melbourne Recital Centre as part of the 2015 Metropolis New Music Festival.

May 1st. 2015

WP The Magical Control of Rain, a 45 minute, eight section cycle for piano premiered by Geert Callaert – York Spring Festival of New Music, Details here [scroll down to event 4]. Read the blog here.

April 24th. / 25th. 2015

WP streaming for Kingma System Quarter-tone Alto Flute. Dedicated to and commissioned by Carlton Vickers. Duration: circa 22 minutes Leonard Bernstein Arts Festival Brandeis University, Boston US

April 18th. 2015

WP mencken’s history of the bathtub – percussion solo – 5 minutes – dedicated to Caleb Herron as part of Chamber Cartel’s ‘the shape distance’ pieces for ensemble CD launch party – at Ken Gregory Studios, 800 East Ave Northeast, Atlanta US

March 16th. 2015

Marc Yeats is announced as Composer-in-Residence to the Observatory. Read more here
SPUD is delighted to announce that Marc Yeats has been appointed as Composer-in-Residence to the Observatory. Marc’s intention to compose new, experimental, string quartets inspired by the various residency locations is an excellent fit with the ethos of the project and will enhance both its scope and impact as a result of his aim to focus on all four Observatory sites across the two-year period of the project, bringing a new perspective to the single site focus of the other appointed artists-in-residence. As an artist with an established track record in musical composition Marc is bringing a new element to the project in an artform that is not represented in the artist’s appointed to date. Year One of the project will engage with the residencies in the Observatory at Winchester Science Centre and Lymington/Keyhaven, Hampshire. Marc’s role as Composer-in-Residence is supported by Arts Council England’s Grants for the Arts, SPUD and DIVAcontemporary.

March 12th. / 13th. 2015

 soft geometry for flute, cello and piano. Performed by sonore trio | Karin de Fleyt [flute] Alfia Nakipbekova [violoncello], Jakob Fichert [piano] | Duration: circa 16 minutes International Festival for Innovations in Music Production and Composition in Leeds.

February 21st 2015

WP Mary, Polly, Sukie, Jack and Jill [28 mins.] with Aniko Toth (soprano) and Manchester Camerata | Salford Sonic Fusion Festival, Salford University, Salford UK More here

February 12th – 13th 2015

WP cohort [5 mins.] with Geert Callaert (piano), Firas Al-Awani (clarinet) and Gaetan La Mela (vibraphone) Antwerp Holland More details here.

January 31st. 2015

WP vulgar gorgon for rock ensemble [piccolo, tenor saxophone, electric guitar, electric bass guitar, keytar, vibraphone and drum-kit] to be premiered in Atlanta, Georgia, US Duration: 7.5 minutes. Commissioned by Clibber Jones Ensemble [US] – date and venue to follow

January 17th 2015

WP from manuscripts of moving song [string quartet] premiered by zero theorem string quartet – as part of DIVAcontemporary’s Sonic Coast Live Concert series [5] – Beaminster School, Beaminster, Dorset.

November 29th. 2014

WP amy’s toye for solo piano, performed by Nicolas Horvath, House of international Friendship, Minsk, Belarus

November 22nd.  2014

VOX bass clarinet solo performed by Sarah Watts – as part of DIVAcontemporary’s Sonic Coast Live Concert series [4] The Bay Theatre, Weymouth, Dorset
WP the moon upright for wind trio [flute, oboe, clarinet] premiered by Rarescale – as part of DIVAcontemporary’s Sonic Coast Live Concert series [4] The Bay Theatre, Weymouth, Dorset

November 15th. 2014

Chamber Cartel curate an ‘all Yeats’ evening as the final concert in their Ancana Series. Premieres and performances at The Goat Farm Arts Center in Goodson Yard, Atlanta, Georgia, US on November 15th at 8 pm

to include:
WP chablon for 4 percussionists; WP corpuscular theory of light for clarinet, soprano saxophone and xylophone; pathos for cello; WP an exploration of bright for piano, harp and 2 percussionists

October 25th. 2014

through woods in riot [for brass quartet] performed by Meridian Brass at The Drill Hall, Isle of Portland, Dorset as part of DIVAcontemporary’s Sonic Coast Live Concert series [3].

October 14th. 2014

amy’s toye for solo piano, performed by Nicolas Horvath, Fukuoka, Japan.

September 21st. 2014

amy’s toye for solo piano, performed by Nicolas Horvath, France – venue and date TBC

September 20th. 2014

WP amy’s toye for solo piano, premiered by Nicolas Horvath, “Journées Européenne du Patrimoine 2014” Centre d’Art Contemporain, Montpellier, France as part of the ‘GlassWorlds’ project.

August 30th. 2014

My Songs performed by ‘zero theorem trio [Laura Wolk-Lewanowicz [soprano], Chris Goodman [clarinets] and Patrick Tapio Johnson [cello] at The Hub [directions] Church Street, Lyme Regis, Dorset DT7 3BS as part of DIVAcontemporary’s Sonic Coast Live Concert series [2].

July 26th. 2014

WP beyond this [all had been chaos] for viola and percussion [1] premiered by Stephen Upshaw and Callie Hough at the Big Shed, Hooke Park, Dorset as part of DIVAcontemporary’s Sonic Coast Live Concert series [1].

July 19th. 2014

WP blackroot for solo E flat clarinet premiered by Markus Wenninger at the monastery of St.Stephen, Augsburg, Bavaria, Germany. WP lines and distances for solo B flat clarinet premiered by Markus Wenninger at the monastery of St.Stephen, Augsburg, Bavaria, Germany.

May 23rd. to the 7th. June 2014 

Shadow Drawing 1 TOPOGRAPHY DISARRANGED: Landscape, Dislocation & Place, The Queen of Hungry Project Space, ‘Shadow Drawing 1′ is a video field recording of ‘pure’ shadows, with no intervention on either surface, form or colour and with no digital manipulation other than editing. During the summer of 2011 David began working on a number of video projects that investigated the nature of light and shadow. He captured ephemeral moving images from the landscape that can never be repeated, only existing in that moment in time. An integral part of the work is the sound work by Marc Yeats.

April 22nd. 2014

WP the shape distance 1 for flute and clarinet premiered by Ariana Warren [clarinet] and Tiffany Lynne Sieker [flute]. UCSD Conrad Prebys Music Center in San Diego, California US

February 27th. 2014

WP oros [for 8 voices] performed by Auditiv Vokal of Dresden, Germany on 27th February 2014 at the Deutsches Hygiene Museum. oros is Commissioned by Auditiv Vokal to celebrate “Einstürzende Mauern”.

December 2nd. 2013

 WP As part of Marc’s composer-in-association relationship with the US new music ensemble, Chamber Cartel will premiere and record the entire ‘the shape distance’ [1-7] series in Atlanta, Georgia. These works will also be studio recorded for Chamber Cartel’s first CD release. More here:

November 1st. 2013

WP Pianist Mark Spalding premieres parts 1 and 2 of ‘the magical control of rain’ at Schotts in London. More here:

August 23rd. 2013

1pm. An ‘all Yeats’ lunchtime recital with Jenni Hogan (flute/piccolo) and Leo Nicholson (piano) as part of Marc’s Manchester Pride composer-in-association role at The Cosmo Rodewald Concert Hall, The Martin Harris Centre, Manchester University as part of Manchester Pride Classical Concert Series. Programme: playful geometry for piccolo and piano; a theft of cold moisture for solo flute; ENÛMA ELIŠ for solo piano

July 8th. /13th. 2013

WP ōrāre performed by Dirk Amrein and Jürg Henneberger. Duration – 14:00. Mahidol University, Bangkok, Thailand

June 16th. 2013

WP 11am. Pianist Tristan Lee premieres two piano works: Tacit Geometry and Orange Afternoon at the Barnaby Festival, Macclesfield

June 14th. to July 20th. 2013

Marc is Artist-in Residence with the Maurbrae Gallery Macclesfield. Private view 14th June – concert [see above] and artist’s talk 16th June. Exhibition runs from 14th June to the 20th July. Part of the Barnaby Festival.

June 8th. 2013

WP – Patrick Tapio Johnson: ‘pathos’ for solo cello (duration 10 mins) as part of Antara Project at Lumin, London

March 26th. 2013

WP – Stephen Upshaw: ‘hȳran’ for solo viola at Parasol unit foundation for contemporary art, London. From 6 March to 28 April 2013, Parasol unit foundation for contemporary art presents a solo exhibition featuring the work of Iranian artist Navid Nuur. The exhibition shows a range of his continuously developing oeuvre that examines the phenomenological experience of his sculptural installation works and the transformative properties he gives to everyday materials. Violist Stephen. Upshaw approached a number of composers to explore writing a collection of short pieces for solo viola each in response to a specific work in Nuur’s show at the Parasol Unit. hȳran is a response to Nuur’s Interimodule ‘there’.

March 22nd. 2013

SCAW [Sarah Watts and Antony Clare] perform child to the black faced night for Bass Clarinet and Piano [First prize winner in the World Bass Clarinet Composing Competition – October 2005 | duration 10 minutes] at Peel Hall, Peel Building, Peel Park Campus, University Of Salford. This work is recorded on the new SCAW CD, due for release spring 2013 SCAW DUO

March 13th. 2013

In association with Scottish Music Centre, Marc will be presenting and demonstrating the work of SATSYMPH at the Apple Store, Glasgow. SATSYMPH will subsequently be promoted via the majority of Apple’s online resources worldwide and will be profiled / featured on the Apple Store, Glasgow’s own page and social networks.

February 22nd. to 24th. 2013

SATSYMPH: ‘on a theme of Hermes’ will feature as part of the Network Music Festival, A weekend of hi-tech musical performances and workshops that presents new musical forms and ideas where networking is central to the aesthetics, creation or performance practice of the work. Birmingham (UK) More about Network Music Festival

February 1st. 2013

Sarah Watts performs ‘quarter-sounds’ at Salford University as part of her lecture programme around her research into the notation and performance of bass clarinet multiphonics

January 20th. 2013

WP – Sarah Watts gives the world premiere of ‘quarter-sounds’ in Gent, Belgium as part of the European Clarinet Association Convention.

January 8th. 2013

WP – ‘black bile’ with Thumb Ensemble, Recital Hall, Birmingham Conservatoire, Birmingham 7.30 p.m. Read more hereMarc Yeats is proud to announce he is now Composer-in-Association with Thumb Ensemble (Birmingham). Read more here

November 8th. – 18th. 2012

SATSYMPH: ‘on a theme of Hermes’ features as part of the public engagement programme of Sonica; A Glasgow-wide celebration of international sonic art. Sonica is a new programme of events dedicated to world-class sonic arts, presenting emerging British talent alongside exceptional international artists in collaboration with renowned co-producers and venues. Sonica 2012 – produced by Cryptic – is festival-like in its scale and ambition, however, this new brand may just as readily be represented by a single work popping up in bespoke locations around the world.

October 22nd. 2012

WP – sunergia for piano 4 hands – commissioned by Music Orba Duo. Premier in Paris (details to follow)

October 19th. 2012

WP – the need fire for string quartet – commissioned by the Pound Arts Trust for the Corsham Festival, performed by the Hillman Quartet at Hartham Church.

October 11th. 2012

WP – the magical control of rain for piano (parts 1+2) – Schott’s music shop, 48 Great Marlborough St. at 19:30 with Mark Spalding

September 30th. 2012

ethos commissioned by Dirk Amrein. Performed at 11am Visselhoevede near Bremen, Germany. Read more here

August 20th. 2012

worship of the oak The Aquinas Piano Trio, lunchtime concert at The Cosmo Rodewald Concert Hall, The Martin Harris Centre, Manchester University as part of Manchester Pride Classical Concert Series.

July 27th. 2012

STURZSTROM ICCI360 Weymouth as part of the opening ceremony of the 2012 Olympic sailing events in Weymouth and Portland.

July 8th. 2012

STURZSTROM Lighthouse, Poole as part of Coastal Voices

June 10th. 2012

ON A THEME OF HERMES Performance of ‘On a Theme of Hermes related works’ by Marc Yeats and Ralph Hoyte and talk on compositional and experience-design methods for pervasive media at the Arnolfini, Bristol, as part of The Electrostatic Festival including the premiere of ‘TLOS’ for clarinet, violin and piano.

June 9th. 2012

ON A THEME OF HERMES MShed Bristol – all day drop-in at MShed, the new Museum of Bristol – come meet SATSYMPH –
download On a Theme of Hermes – experience the work set around the Bristol Floating Harbour! (further details nearer the time!)

June 1st. 2012

WP STURZSTROM Beer Quarry Caves, Beer Devon

May 27th. 2012

ON A THEME OF HERMES Lighthouse Poole – seminar presentation – 14.30 – 17.00

May 26th. 2012

WP – ethos commissioned by Dirk Amrein. The British Trombone Society National Trombone Festival is held on the weekend of 26-27 May at the Royal Welsh College of Music and Drama in Cardiff. ‘ethos’ is premiered by Dirk Amrein at 18.30 in the DS hall Read more here

May 26th. 2012

ON A THEME OF HERMES Hamworthy Library/Poole – 10am – 1 pm for public presentation and reception launch – further activities to take place in Hamworthy Park at the installation

April 27th. 2012

WP ‘Crowded Rooms’ for 13 instrumentalists – Clockworker’s centenary Hall, Leeds

February 2nd. 2012

WP ‘the bone eating snot flower’ with Consortium 5+ support (tbc) + Resident DJs @ Troy Bar, 10 Hoxton Street, London N1 6NG. The night starts at 8pm, with live sets from 9pm