ESOlo IV (violin)

Marc Yeats - Composer

ESOlo IV (violin)

ESOlo IV For Violin

dedicated to Zöe Beyers

Program Note:

The ESOlo project involves creating individual solos for principal players in the English Symphony Orchestra (ESO). This approach allows me to collaborate closely with the orchestra, making them familiar with my work before tackling a larger piece. Each solo, lasting 8-11 minutes, is an intense exploration of ideas, interconnected as iterations and transformative variations.

As concentrated presentations, these solos contain materials that will later be expanded and transformed in an orchestral commission for ESO, marking the project’s next phase.

Crafting a solo requires a unique focus, ensuring it feels balanced and complete independently. It presents a more demanding performance than when identical materials are integrated into an expansive orchestral setting.

The solos lay the groundwork for this orchestral composition, with each musical idea being contextually linked through transformative processes. This method guarantees cohesion in the final orchestral piece, offering a fascinating approach to orchestral composition by building from solos to the whole orchestra.

Duration: circa 11 minutes
© Marc Yeats | December 2023