Marc Yeats - Composer

Links with Musicians, Ensembles, Orchestras and Organisations

XelmYa XelmYa ( Alexa Renger – vl, Sylvia Hinz – rec, Ulrike Brand – vc ) was founded in 2008. one of their goals: to push and develop the instrumentation of the baroque trio sonata into contemporary music and modern times.

Sylvia Hinz – contemporary recorder specialist

Carlton Vickers – contemporary flute specialist

SPUDThe Observatory – composer-in-residence 2015/16

Demerara Records – Demerara Records is an independent recording label set up to support progressive contemporary art music across a broad range of genres.

Ian Pace – pianist

Chamber Cartel – contemporary music ensemble

Gelb Kanasevich – contemporary clarinettist specialist

Christian Smith – Percussion specialist

Mark G Carroll – composer / cellist

sono piano duo – piano duo

Daniele Colombo – contemporary violinist specialist

Geert Callaert – pianist

Stephen Davismoon – composer – Professor

rarescale – contemporary music ensemble specialising in low flutes

Markus wenninger – contemporary clarinettist specialist

Syzygy Ensemble – contemporary music ensemble

Gelachter trio – wind trio

Andreas F. Staffel – composer and pianist

Stephen Upshaw – violonist

Patrick Tapio Johnson – cellist

laura wolk lewanowicz – soprano / vocal specialist

Carl Thiemt – baritone / counter tenor

Eduardo Mota – percussionist

Meridian Brass – brass quintet

Calie Hough – percussion

Sadie Harrison – composer

Mark Hewitt – composer

Auditiv Vokal – contemporary vocal ensemble

SATSYMPH – music and word responsive installations using mobile technologies

Coastal Voices – choral vocal organistaion / partnership

Jurassic Coast – organisation | UNESCO World Heritage Site | Coast stretching from Exmouth in East Devon to Studland in Dorset (commissioners of ‘sturzstrom’)

Scottish Music Centre – organisation

Marc Yeats Composer (Facebook Page) – composer information

Consortium5 – recorder quintet

Nonclassical – a club-night, UK based record label

Dirk Amrien – trombone and brass specialist

Ensemble Amorpha – ensemble

Chroma Ensemble – ensemble

Errollyn Wallen – composer

Gordon Crosse – composer

David Rogers – artist (electric backroom)

Ralph Hoyte – declamatory poet and writer

Phill Phelps – musician, composer and coder

Sarah Watts – bass clarinet specialist

Sir Peter Maxwell Davies – composer

ivon Oates – artist

Ian Talbot – fine-art photographer

Kokoro – ensemble

Manchester Pride – Composer-in-Association

BBC Philharmonic Orchestra – orchestra

St. Magnus Festival – annual festival on Orkney

Antara Project – environmental organisation seeking change through music and art

Maritime Mix2012 – London 2012 Cultural Olympiad by the Sea

Hillman Quartet – String Quartet

Corsham Festival – Music Festival in Wiltshire

Aquinas Piano Trio – Piano Trio