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Landscape paintings by Marc Yeats for online exhibition and sale

Welcome to my Patreon.

Patreon offers a unique and exciting way for us to work together and for you to buy my artwork in manageable installments. Here’s how. You make monthly cash instalments to suit your pocket that are later redeemed as paintings and drawings to the value you have contributed, $ or £ exactly. You can choose artworks from the exhibitions on my website. But that’s not all: you also get free stuff for your loyalty as well as exclusive patron-only access to my vlogs and stories. It’s that simple. Levels of patronage (cash contribution and what you get for it) are explained in the patronage *tiers* on the right of this page. Patreon makes being a patron easy, it also offers a simple way to own and collect my work, at a financial level that suits you. Being a patron provides me with security and predictability of income, enabling me to further develop my practice as a painter and work towards financial sustainability as an artist. To find out how you can become a patron, please visit my Patreon Page.

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