Paternoster (2010)

Marc Yeats - Composer

Paternoster (2010)

Paternoster is a new work composed from an original field recording, recorded by German field recordist and sound artist Marcus Kuerten.

As Marcus wrote to me “The location recording contains the sound material of a paternoster ride; very rare and unique material of warm, industrial sounds of an efficient but antiquated vehicle with definite and clear sounds of the paternoster itself and the reverberating situations on the particular floors.

I captured the recording in the building of the Chamber of Industry and Commerce in Cologne, on 7th. May 2010. A building from the late 50s, early 60s with a wonderful outdated interior. Now, paternosters are prohibited from being installed in German buildings, but all originals are protected and listed as historic mechanisms.

A wonderful description of the meaning of Paternoster that I did not know (Wiki):

Cyclic Elevator, the name paternoster (“Our Father”, the first two words of the Lord’s Prayer in Latin)
was originally applied to the device because the elevator is in the form of a loop and is thus similar to rosary beads used as an aid in reciting prayers.

The recording is captured with a Fostex FR2LE and a Rode NT4 stereo (XY) microphone
in 44.1/24bit, with a duration of 4min30sec.”

Marc Yeats: In composing the piece I processed and extracted material from this dynamic, unprocessed recording to create new sounds which were then used to reconstruct and compose a completely new work.