solo and ensemble music: volume 1 (digital album)

solo and ensemble music: volume 1 (digital album)



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solo and ensemble music: volume 1 is the first of a number of albums focusing on my solo and ensemble compositional output released through Polytempo Records. It brings together a collection of solo and ensemble pieces created between 2014 and 2021 that showcase new developments and thought in my compositional output particularly concerning polytemporal composition, that is, music where two or more instrumentalists perform using independent, different tempi simultaneously.

The album contains 84-minutes of music and comes with generous 20-page PDF liner notes.

Performing on this album are Gleb Kanasevich • Carlton Vickers • Carla Rees • Karin de Fleyt • Daniele Colombo • Caleb Herron • Dirk Amrein • Geert Callaert • Christopher Redgate • Eugene Lee • Minsi Yang • Stephen Upshaw • Patrick Tapio Johnson • Roger Heaton • Marie Scheer • Ashley Myall • Jeremy Little • Eluned Pierce • Anonymous Strings