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Marc Yeats - Composer

observation 1.8 (easton woods) (2017)

observation 1.8 for bass recorder, oboe and violin This is a timecode-supported polytemporal trio. 12.30 minutes duration Dedicated to my friend and musician, Sylvia Hinz. observation 1.8 is a continuation of a compositional journey began as Composer-in-Residence to the Observatory [a SPUD project] in 2015 during which time I composed 2, site-specifically inspired string quartets.…
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the appointment of life (2015)

the appointment of life trio [duo] for extended male voice [viola] and percussion *[1] *percussion set 1: Deep, resonant bass drum; Large, deep Tam-tam; 2 Congas low / high [or similar drums pitched lower than the Bongos]; 2 Bongos low / high [or similar drums pitched higher than the Congas]; 5 differently pitched Temple Blocks…
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observation 1.5 (no man’s land)

observation 1.5 (no man’s land) | duration 14.5 minutes | for recorder [treble doubling descant], violin and violoncello | Dedicated to Sylvia Hinz and XelmYa US Premiere performed by XelmYa A. Renger – Violin / T.J. Borden – Cello / S. Hinz – Recorders Oct 19th 2016 at Barbara And Art Culver Center Of Arts…
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cohort (2014)

For clarinet in B flat, piano and vibraphone. Duration 5.30″ cohort: for clarinet in Bb, piano and vibraphone     notes: The instrumentalists play independently of each other. Music is cued to begin only with both instruments starting at the same time. There is no ‘fixed’ synchronisation between the instrumentalists. Whilst the relationship of each…
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