VOX (2001)

Marc Yeats - Composer

VOX (2001)

12 mins. for solo bass clarinet. Commissioned by Sarah Watts. Premiere Rotterdam, Holland, 2002


Written in 2001, Vox was commissioned by and written for Sarah Watts who has subsequently performed it worldwide. Vox is a veritable showcase of bass clarinet techniques ranging from using quarter-tones, slip tongue, multiphonics, harmonics, glissandi, portamento, virtuosic rapid playing and wild leaps from the bottom to the top of the instrument. However, the piece is not a mere showcase of what is possible on the instrument. Across its two parts, the music coalesces into an urgent narrative fuelled by its own drive and expressive momentum. Vox has a duration of around 12-minutes.

Vox is published by Metropolis Music Publishers and is available from here: