Landscape paintings by Marc Yeats for online exhibition and sale


I am an abstract landscape painter working in oils, acrylics and mixed media on paper and board. Based in Somerset, England, I paint land & seascapes around Suffolk, Norfolk, Dorset and the chalk downland of southern England. My works are available for sale online, exclusively from www.marc-yeats.com/paintings and can also be acquired if you become a Patron through my Patreon Page and offers a simple way to buy my work through monthly instalments at a level of patronage that suits you. The beautiful thing is, that as well as exclusive access to the inside stories behind making my work; besides the exclusive bonus artwork you receive as a patron, you will be supporting me month by month, year by year as you collect paintings and drawings, allowing me to exchange my work for your support, value for value. Being a patron provides me with security and predictability of income, enabling me to further develop my practice as a painter and work towards financial sustainability as an artist.

Observatory W3

I do not paint from ‘life’, out on location and I do not paint from photographs. I do, however, sketch and spend a great deal of time in the locations that inspire me. It is the impressions and memories of the places I love, that I paint, rather than translating the experience of those places into paintings on location. For me, the very nature of a location, its structures, changing dynamics and ambience are best represented when filtered through perception and memory over a gestational period to later emerge as a consequence of this process in the vigorous mark-making of my work.

Observatory W2

As such, I don’t set out to paint anywhere in particular. Instead, I rely on the familiarity of the landscapes I experience to manifest through the way I throw paint around in the initial stages of making a painting as I play with paint, crayon, marker pen and pencil on paper. My subjects always emerge from these actions, they are never premeditated. Having said that, through years of painting experience it is likely the actions I call spontaneous are in fact highly practised gestures and choices that, though feeling free of premeditation, are most likely to be automatic psychological and physical/kinetic responses to representing the world around me through paint and line. To mitigate this emotional familiarity with myself I do employ additional elements of kinetic force and motion in my gestures to allow the paint to move beyond anticipated outcomes, and sometimes, I will close my eyes, once again, to attempt to loosen control over these actions. I proceed with these processes, often creating layers of activity until something I recognise emerges. This recognition may be tenuous at first, but once I’m aware of something familiar, a light effect, a landscape form, an ambience or anything that I have experienced in some way, I focus my attention in that direction to further assimilate and consolidate the image around those impressions. The painting is finished when it resonates with memory, perception or sensation that I can locate in the world.


I am also a composer of contemporary classical music with more than two decades of experience working internationally. If you’re interested to discover more about my work as a composer, please click here. These two creative forms are closely linked by techniques and constructions developed over many years: my compositions often influence new approaches to painting, just as techniques in painting have influenced my musical development. Although I am interested in surfaces represented in sound, colour, form and texture, my work is further influenced by a fascination with layering, geology and erosion. As discussed above, when beginning a new work, the end result remains a mystery – it is a true journey of discovery. I believe this approach to creativity ensures spontaneity, movement, energy and a degree of poetry.


I began painting in 1977, the majority of my work has been sold directly to private collectors. However, paintings have been exhibited and sold through the following galleries (1980 – 2005): Triton Gallery, Torquay, Teignmouth Gallery, Teignmouth, The Twentieth-Century Gallery, London, Maxwell’s, Eton, Jaspers Fine Arts Ltd., Maidenhead, Vincent Harris Gallery, London, Century Galleries Ltd., Henley. Solo exhibition, Impressions Gallery, Perthshire, Broadford Gallery, Skye, The Pier Arts Center, Orkney – joint exhibition – ‘resound’, Glasgow Art Fair – joint exhibition, An Tuireann Arts Center, Skye. joint exhibition – 5 islands project, The Pier Arts Center, Orkney. joint exhibition – 5 Islands Project, The Honiton Gallery, Devon, The Salcombe Gallery, Devon, An Lanntair Arts Centre, Isle of Lewis. joint exhibition – 5 islands project, Bonhoga Gallery, Shetland joint exhibition – 5 islands project, An Tobar Art Center, Isle of Mull joint exhibition – 5 islands project, Chard Art, Chard, Somerset. solo exhibition, An Tuireann Arts Center, Skye – solo installation – stillness in movement and a solo installation in the Alsop Gallery, Bridport Art Centre, Dorset titled ‘sound as I see it’.

My work is sold privately and online. If you’d like to contact me to discuss anything connected to my work, including how to commission, please click here.