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Marc Yeats - Composer

pulviscular observation (2019)

Dedicated to my dear friend, Gráinne Mulvey pulviscular observation is an intimate, compressed, elegiac and sometimes explosive 11-minute piece for double string quartet. pulviscular observation‘s relationship to landscape, intuitively established through self-borrowed materials taken from observation 4, and observation 5 and before them, the original observation quartets, observation 1, and observation 2 is frequently audible…
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observation 6 [fawley down] 2016

observation 6: for piccolo, soprano saxophone, piano and percussion | duration 12.30 minutes | dedicated to Ensemble Suono Giallo Commissioned by Ensemble Suono Giallo, premiered on the opening night concert of the Il Suono Young Composers’ Academy by Ensemble Suono Giallo, Saturday, July 15, 2017, at 7 pm, Scuola Comunale di Musica “Giacomo Puccini”, Città di…
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chablon [2014] [percussion quartet]

chablon: for four percussionists. Duration circa 18 minutes in duration. Dedicated to Jane Yeats for her 50th Birthday. Commissioned by Chamber Cartel for their Ancana Series. Premieres and performances at The Goat Farm Arts Center in Goodson Yard, Atlanta, Georgia, US on November 15th 2014 at 8 pm. chablon: French term for a watch movement (not including…
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an exploration of bright [2014]

an exploration of bright: Commissioned by Chamber Cartel for piano, harp and 2 percussionists: Percussion 1: Crotales [upper octave] Deep, resonant bass drum large, deep Tam-tam Congas low/high Bongos low/high 5 differently pitched Temple Blocks High-Hat Gong Metal Wind Chimes. Percussion 2: Crotales [low octave] 9 Gongs: F3, G3, B3, C#4, Eb4, F4, G#4, A4,…
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dark gravity [2014]

dark gravity: for clarinet in Bb, oboe, bassoon and percussion [1 player: Deep, resonant bass drum, large, deep Tam-tam, 2 Congas low / high, 2 Bongos low / high 5 differently pitched Temple Blocks, low to high, High-Hat, Gong, Metal Wind Chimes]. circa 14.30″ minutes in duration. The instrumentalists play independently of each other. The…
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through woods in riot [2013]

through woods in riot instrumentation – 2 trumpets in Bb , tenor trombone and bass trombone. circa 10 minutes in duration. notes: The instrumentalists play independently of each other. Music is cued to begin only or at various points throughout the work. There is no ‘fixed’ synchronisation between the instrumentalists. Whilst the relationship of each instrument…
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the shape distance [3] (2013)

the shape distance [3] flutes 1 / clarinet 1 + 2 / viola / harp / piano Dedicated to Caleb Herron and Chamber Cartel (Atlanta USA) The Shape Distance by Chamber Cartel the shape distance are a series of [initially] seven pieces constructed somewhat akin to ‘Russian Dolls’ in that each contains the same or similar core…
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from manuscripts of moving song (2012)

from manuscripts of moving song for string quartet duration: circa 18 minutes Dedicated to the El Bergersen and the Bergersen Quartet from manuscripts of moving song The information below should not imply any programmatic, emotional or imagery treatment within this piece of entirely abstract music. Both title line and later, entire poem were discovered after…
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the need fire (2012)

the need-fire Commissioned by the Pound Arts Trust for the Corsham Festival. First performance by the Hillman Quartet at Hartham Church, Wiltshire on the 19th. October 2012 Need-fire, or Wild-fire (Ger. Notfeuer, O. Ger. nodfyr, Scottish Gaelic tein’-éigin), a term used in folklore to denote a curious superstition which survived in the Scottish Highlands until…
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War Cries (2003)

11 mins. for tuba quartet – to Tubalate Note: Due to an upgrade in computer systems some years ago, this work is awaiting reformatting and is currently unavailable. Please use the contact page to request further information.

Summer makes the Night Light (2000)

18 mins. for flute, violin, viola, cello Note: Due to an upgrade in computer systems some years ago, this work is awaiting reformatting and is currently unavailable. Please use the contact page to request further information.  

A Waiting Ghost in the Blue Sky (1999)

For Bb clarinet (Eb cl), cello, piano, percussion (1). Duration circa 15 minutes. First performed by the Contempo Ensemble conducted by Mauro Ceccanti, Prato, Tuscany, December 1999. The work was later performed several times by Psappha. Live BBC recording – performed by Psappha at the St. Magnus Festival 2000 Please message me through the contact page should you…
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flute quartet (1994)

This work is currently unavailable. 17 minutes duration. For flute, violin, viola and cello. First performed by Alison Mitchell (flute) and members of the Edinburgh String Quartet, broadcast on BBC Radio Scotland, November 1995. Note: This work is no longer available.