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Marc Yeats - Composer

pneuma (2020)

pnuema for solo contrabass Paetzold recorder Dedicated to Sylvia Hinz. pnuema is full of cross-references, development and variants of its material held together by a fabric of rhythmic units permeating the work as a whole. It was conceived and should be performed as a stream of consciousness; a single seldom interrupted flow of ideas constantly…
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the unimportance of events (2020)

Dedicated to my friend and composer, Jason Eckardt. This is a timecode-supported polytemporal ensemble piece. the unimportance of things for 17 players Instrumentation: alto flute clarinet in Bb bassoon tenor trombone 1 tenor trombone 2 percussion (1)* piano violin string quartet 1 string quartet 2 Double Bass Duration: 12.02   Performance instructions: 1) This work is unconducted.…
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