Demerara records ‘this is tomorrow calling’

Marc Yeats - Composer

Demerara records ‘this is tomorrow calling’


Demerara Records is a digital music label supporting new and original art music in the twenty-first century.

Featuring two tracks by Marc Yeats

A download link for the album will be added once release has taken place in August 2015

11018065_507604072720831_2072356741275364328_nMarc Yeats’ Conversation 5/13 (from the Temple of Hermes) is performed by the Bristol Ensemble, known for their collaborations with contemporary composers, as well as working with mixed media and other art forms.

Bristol Ensemble
The group holds a pivotal position in South West music, presenting a varied programme of concerts and events in the region’s major venues. Formed as the Emerald Ensemble in 1994 by Roger Huckle, Bristol Ensemble is a musicians’ collective, bringing together the best of the region’s performers.

Conversations 5 & 13 are derived from On a Theme of Hermes, a large vocal & ensemble work which is an interactive audio installation user-directed and geo-located, delivered through smartphones as an App. It responds to location, to where the user is. It morphs, changes according to what the user does. Yeats chose the Greek God Hermes as he is ‘the messenger of the Gods, guide to the Underworld, patron of thieves, liars, of literature and poets, as well as of boundaries (and those who, as in this project, “travel across them”)’, providing scope for integrating classical and contemporary allusions and illusions, words and music. These two pieces were composed as a consequence of the material generated.

A little bit about Marc Yeats: #TomorrowCallingMarc Yeats’ music is performed, commissioned and broadcast worldwide….

Posted by Demerara Records on Monday, 29 June 2015