ERIS (2011)

Marc Yeats - Composer

ERIS (2011)

Duet for flute and viola.

Commissioned by Manchester Pride Chamber Concert Series. Premiere recording of ERIS for flute and viola, performed by Kevin Gowland (flute) and David Aspin (viola). Concert series produced by Les Pratt. The premiere took place at the Cosmo Rodewald Concert Hall in Manchester University on the 23rd. August 2011.

Eris (Greek Ἔρις, “Strife”) is the Greek goddess of strife and discord, her name being translated into Latin as Discordia. Her Greek opposite is Harmonia, whose Latin counterpart is Concordia. Homer equated her with the war-goddess Enyo, whose Roman counterpart is Bellona. The dwarf planet Eris is named after the goddess.

This work is rich in quarter tones and demands great technical and emotional facility from both players.