movement from (2004) remix 2010

Marc Yeats - Composer

movement from (2004) remix 2010

Commissioned by An Tuireann Art Centre with subsidy from the Scottish Arts Council.

Stillness in Movement was specially commissioned to form part of an instillation with nine oil paintings created by Marc Yeats. The music is recorded onto CD and was played continually throughout the duration of the exhibition (2nd. October – 12th November 2004) Stillness and Movement is divided into three related work that can be performed independently, although ideally, all three works should be performed sequentially. Each of these three sections have their own title.

Here, movement from (remix) is presented as an independent work. Original recording remixed and expanded in 2010.

Duration: 22 mins.

Soprano: Natalie Raybould with illegal harmony: alto doubling flt and picc., ob, BCL doubling Bb Clarinet, Vin Vla, Vc, pno

Conductor: Mark Hewitt