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Marc Yeats - Composer

observation 7 [gander down] 2016

for piccolo, oboe, trumpet in C, Horn in F, viola, double bass and percussion [1]* *Deep, resonant bass drum, Large, deep Tam-tam, 2 Congas low / high [or similar drums pitched lower than the Bongos], 2 Bongos low / high [or similar drums pitched higher than the Congas], 5 differently pitched Temple Blocks [or a…
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observation 1.7 [longwood warren] for flute oboe [violin] [2015]

observation 1.7 for flute and oboe [duo] with optional violin [trio] | duration 12.40 | dedicated to Ben Opie observation 1.7 is designed to be two pieces within one; a duo for flute and oboe or a trio for flute, oboe and violin using the same parts for flute and oboe in both duo and…
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