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Marc Yeats - Composer

the shape distance [2013] Album

The Shape Distance by Chamber Cartel the shape distance are a series of [initially] seven pieces constructed somewhat akin to ‘Russian Dolls’ in that each contains the same or similar core material that is ‘enclosed’ by other layers of material.
 The core music is represented by two solo pieces that although composed in isolation contain…
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the shape distance [11] [harp / piano] 2013

the shape distance [11] harp / piano Dedicated to Caleb Herron and Chamber Cartel (Atlanta USA) Studio recording from Chamber Cartel. This iteration ‘the shape distance [11] for harp and piano’ features Chamber Cartel members Connor Way [harp] and Amy O’Dell [piano]. Engineered by Thomas Avery at 800 East, Atlanta US, December 2013. ‘the shape distance…
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chablon: percussion quartet (2016)

chablon: for four percussionists. Duration circa 18 minutes in duration. Dedicated to Jane Yeats for her 50th Birthday. Commissioned by Chamber Cartel for their Ancana Series. Premieres and performances at The Goat Farm Arts Center in Goodson Yard, Atlanta, Georgia, US on November 15th 2014 at 8 pm. chablon: French term for a watch movement (not including…
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an exploration of bright (2014)

an exploration of bright: Commissioned by Chamber Cartel for piano, harp and 2 percussionists: Percussion 1: Crotales [upper octave] Deep, resonant bass drum large, deep Tam-tam Congas low/high Bongos low/high 5 differently pitched Temple Blocks High-Hat Gong Metal Wind Chimes. Percussion 2: Crotales [low octave] 9 Gongs: F3, G3, B3, C#4, Eb4, F4, G#4, A4,…
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