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Marc Yeats - Composer

and I must borrow every changing shape (2014)

Quintet for B flat and E flat Clarinets [simultaneously], oboe, scordatura harp and percussion [1] [4 suspended cymbals, 2 differently pitched large tam-tams, large, deep, resonant bass drum] Duration. 7.5 minutes This is a studio iteration of an acoustic asynchronous composition. Marckus Wenninger – clarinets Christopher Redgate – oboe Harp and percussion – members of…
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vulgar gorgon [2014] for rock ensemble

for piccolo, tenor saxophone, electric guitar, electric bass guitar, keytar, vibraphone and drum-kit. Duration: 7.5 minutes Commissioned by Clibber Jones Ensemble [US]                                                                  …
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the dog and the wolf [2013] for 7 instrumentalists

the dog and the wolf: for piccolo, clarinet in Bb, bassoon, trumpet in Bb, double bass, celesta [5 octave] and percussion [1 player: vibraphone / bass drum]. circa 13.5 minutes in duration. notes:┬áThe instrumentalists play independently of each other. Music is cued to begin only with both instruments starting at the same time. There is…
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