Tag: strings

Marc Yeats - Composer

pulviscular compression (2019)

pulviscular compression is an 11-minute piece for 19 string instruments spatially organised as four string quartets and three double basses. Recordings were made with the Karski Quartet and the Viridis Quartet at the Royal Northern College of Music, Manchester (RNCM) on the 15th March 2019 with the support of Larry Goves, senior composition lecturer at…
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observation 3 [salt hill] 2016

observation three | for double string quartet and double bass | Studio recording with zero theorem | duration 15 minutes Dedicated to my friend, the composer Neil March Composer-in-Residence to the Observatory: Two site-specifically inspired string quartets across two residency locations in one year. As a composer and painter I have a deeply held interest…
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