the naked man (2016)

Marc Yeats - Composer

the naked man (2016)

the naked man  | Duration circa 10 minutes | to Stephen Davismoon and Lauryna Sableviciute

Screen shot 2016-06-18 at 09.56.58Programme note:  

Site of the Naked Man, Wilverley Plain, New Forest  Beneath the crown of ivy is the weathered stump of an oak tree which is supposed to have been used as a gallows for at least one convicted highwayman. Originally called the “Wilverley Oak”, it stood by the side of the now-disused Burley to Lymington road not far from Wilverley Post (the intersection with the main Lyndhurst-Christchurch road). There are various stories that tell how the stump ended up being called the “Naked Man”, for example: one man waiting to be hung was supposed to have been struck by lightning which removed all his clothes. A more likely explanation is that the shattered trunk and two outstretched branches of the tree resembled a man.  the naked man provides an enigmatic title for this piece that resonates with the music on many different levels, for me at least. The music is abstract and makes no attempt to describe the location or history of the above site in any way.

This score is created in A3 landscape format.

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