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Marc Yeats - Composer

mencken’s history of the bathtub [2015]

mencken’s history of the bathtub for percussion solo | circa 5″ minutes in duration. Dedicated to Caleb Herron setup: 2 differently pitched cow bells [high and low] [or agogo bells] metal wind chimes, as high-pitched and resonant as possible 3 low sounding gongs – no specific pitch required – organised high to low crotales –…
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caleb’s toye (2014)

caleb’s toye for piano | dedicated to Caleb Herron | duration: 3.36 minutes I was recently approached by pianist Nicolas Horvath to write a piece for his epic homage to Philip Glass piano recitals ‘the GlassWorlds’. I am not a fan of Glass’ music so thought the request strange. However, Nicolas made it clear that he was…
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