The North Sound (2005 – refreshed 2013)

Marc Yeats - Composer

The North Sound (2005 – refreshed 2013)

Max’s comment upon receiving North Sound, an orchestral piece Marc dedicated to Max in 2005 for his 70th birthday.

For orchestra. Dedicated to Sir Peter Maxwell Davies on the occasion of his 70th birthday.

flute 1, flute 2/piccolo 1, flute 3/alto flute/piccolo 2
2 oboes, cor anglais
2 clarinets in Bb, bass clarinet in Bb
2 bassoon, contrabassoon
4 horns in F
3 trumpets in Bb
2 tenor trombones, bass trombone
2 harps
percussion [1 player]: glockenspiel; Timpani [5 kettles: 32-30, 29-28, 26-25, 24-23, and 22-20 inches]

Duration: 28 mins.

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